We are first generation farmers, returning to our roots. In 2021, we committed to turning the land God gave us into a haven of freedom through true wellness. We do not use any pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers or GMO’s. We are friends with microorganisms and nutrient dense foods. We are (mostly) low tech and old fashioned, because we believe what God created for us is what’s best for the health of our farm.

We are deeply convicted around the methods we implement. Our way of raising plants and animals is not a fad, or the newest trend we are buying into so we can charge more or get the most sales. It is the culmination of what we have experienced, researched, and prayed about for over 15 years. This lifestyle has been very thoughtfully chosen.

We use methods some label: Regenerative, Permaculture, Back to Eden, Ruth Stout, or Organic. However to us, we take the things that make sense from these schools of thought without having to be dogmatic about it. We haven’t thrown out every modern connivence, because if we did, we’d be too tired to continue. So we do what we feel is best for our unique plants, animals & land, even if it doesn’t always align fully with the “experts”.

We are family operated and stay completely independent. Though our methods are far better than government standards, we never want to be “certified” organic. And while all of the livestock we sell are incredibly well cared for, from registered stock, and are not over bred, we are not interested in continuing to have them registered.

Instead, we hope you will come and visit our farm, observe our animals and the methods we use, and form a trusting relationship with us.

We aren’t interested in convincing anyone this is the best way. Instead, we are interested in connecting with others who already know this to be true. Those who are already comfortable with our way of farming, or incredibly interested in learning more about it.

And while we feel very confident in our overall approach, we are constantly making mistakes (because how else do you learn?) and changing what doesn’t work. We will never be experts or perfect, but we will always be curious and learning.

If you are thrilled to find a farm using these methods, please check out our offerings. In the Spring & Summer, we will have plant starts, hatching & eating eggs, and produce available for purchase.

If you too are looking to return to living in the way God created and we could be of some help on your journey, we would love to have you connect with us.

In Harmony,
Dustin, Stephanie & Arlo